What is Elonaid? The next BIG cryptocurrency project!

Today you will hear about a high potential project set to be one of the biggest community-driven tokens to grace the cryptocurrency market. Elonaid. Making your capital go further than any other token. Elonaid has been audited by renowned blockchain auditor, Certik, who check security and trustworthiness of the underlying token contract code.

What attracts investors to Elonaid is the unique tokenomics.

There are 100 trillion Elonaid tokens. 50% of these have been burned and the other 50% are locked in liquidity. These strategies make the token deflationary by design and allows the value to appreciate more quickly than other tokens.

You can swap BNB for Elonaid on Pancakeswap. Because it is built on Binance Smart Chain, you can trade Elonaid fast and securely with low gas fees.

Let’s say you want to buy 1 billion tokens. 5% of your transaction gets redistributed to existing Elonaid holders proportional to their current holdings. That means, your wallet climbs the moment you start hodling and the more Elonaid tokens you hold, the more you are rewarded.

Another 5% of your transaction goes back to the liquidity pool. And what makes Elonaid one of the most agile projects in the space, is our multipurpose wallet.

And the best part? Transactions larger than 100 billion tokens are not permitted in a single trade. You are protected from price volatility that comes from nasty whales.

When you invest in Elonaid, you will be a part of a 100% decentralized project that is run by the community.

And to make you feel even better about your investment, Elonaid makes impactful contributions to a multitude of charities large and small.

With an exciting roadmap on the horizon, you too have a say on how our token will evolve over the years.

Invest in Elonaid today, join our active Telegram community and learn more at elonaid.com.

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Elonaid is a community-driven deflationary token. Join our growing ecosystem connecting crypto capital with community causes.