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Everywhere you turn, the news of cryptocurrency permeates the air, and why not? It’s the most trending high growth investment and everyone is in a bid to get a piece of it, as should you.

Cryptocurrencies are making transactions fast and cost-effective and are cutting out the middle man so that transactions are completely secure. It’s the future of money and will continue to revolutionise the internet. There are numerous cryptocurrencies on the market, with more springing up by the day.

However, as good as this sounds, there are fake companies duping people of their hard-earned money. This is why investors need to exercise caution and do deep research before committing.

Although there are lots of fantastic options to choose from, Elonaid is arguably one of the best there is.

Elonaid was created in May 2021 and is already a trailblazer in the industry with a listing on Pancakeswap in June. Elonaid is a BEP20 token running on the Binance Smart Chain, a secure network that offers low transaction fees. Elonaid has a supply limit of 100 trillion and no new tokens will be created. When the token launches on Pancakeswap, 50% of the tokens will be burned, leaving only 50 trillion tokens in circulation. All of these factors make the token deflationary by design and enable the price the appreciate over time.

Operational Model

As earlier stated, Elonaid is a solid investment, but one exciting part of this token is that it primarily focuses on philanthropy. It’s a community-based token with plans to set up support for local and international humanitarian agencies.

This redistribution method is the best you will get on the market. For every token purchased or sold, 5% is redistributed to all Elonaid holders. For instance, if you purchase 100 tokens, five tokens are taken and shared amongst other account holders. Therefore, over time, it compounds leading to more tokens for you and by extension more money. The more tokens you have in your wallet, the more redistributed tokens you will get. For instance, if there are 1000 transactions in a day, it means you and the holders will share 5% of the total token sold or purchased from each of the 1000 transactions added to your account.

The other 5% of the token will be channeled into charity, marketing, or manual burn. This leaves holders with 90 tokens. Hence, not only are you securing your future by investing in a stable cryptocurrency, but you are also gaining passive income by being just a member while still contributing your quota to a better world. Amazing!

The money kept in the multi purpose wallet won’t be left to lie fallow. Instead, it will be put to good work. For instance, we intend to donate to animal protection, healthcare, victims of natural disasters, underserved communities, and lots more. After all, our slogan says “A Token for a Life”, and we are committed to that. People are essential, so we will be letting community votes determine who and where we donate.

Still, the marketing funds generated will be used to create brand awareness. In a heavily saturated market with hundreds of competitors, you will agree that good brand awareness will bring in investors, which is excellent for everyone.

Furthermore, for manual burn, we will buy back those tokens and burn if needed. This will depend on the situation, though, but doing this will increase the token value and, by direct implication, will increase the value of your investment.

Elonaid has a no presale, no token team stance. You can be sure that this company won’t rip you off your money as it has a strict anti-pump and dump policy. Still, it’s not subject to any ownership tussle as its ownership has been renounced.

Bottom Line on Elonaid

With cryptocurrency being one of the best ways to put money to work, many are rushing to invest in one. This can lead to making the wrong decisions if proper analysis is not done. Fortunately, Elonaid is not only secure; it has come to stay.

Not many of these cryptocurrencies are passionate about their community. They are all focused on making money (not that we blame them). But for Elonaid, it’s beyond the money. It’s all about contributing to the local community and making a difference where it counts.

So, if you are looking for the cryptocurrency to put your money in, a cryptocurrency that’s not only concerned about your security and safety but also invested in helping you make more money while contributing to society, then look no further than Elonaid. It’s the smart choice for those that care.

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Elonaid is a community-driven deflationary token. Join our growing ecosystem connecting crypto capital with community causes.